Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Xmas 2011


Although it is 27th. But im wishing you all happy and have a very merry xmas...

Nothing to say or show any photos around here. Im just wanna reflect the xmas party from last year 2008 n now 2011...

Celebrate the 1st xmas with my ex gf at her rented house in serdang and not only us, laine, chua n others also joining to celebrate xmas as well...awww...that was a lovely u feel that too vv??

Cant rmb anything for this year...did i spend my xmas wif my ex or wif my frens???....DUDE!!! totally don!!!

Celebrate xmas eve at a suite near damansara with laine's fren...cant rmb what is the name of the suite...and yes that time i was broken up with my ex....all i can rmb during that time was i got wasted but still can manage to drive home..


Actually is nth special for this usual, i just celebrate xmas at velvet wif kin and jerry...there is alot of hot chix that makes any guy would wanna piece of the cake but as for me, well, as usual....just stay at the table n watching kin n jerry dancing n flirting (kin only) with those chix....but in the end, i got my piece of cake and i din make any move...the quite high n hot chic just grab my head n place it on her boobs then that fella kin scream 'WAH!!!...AH FAI GOT BOOBS TO EAT!!!' -_-....actually is nth to be shock just a normal hug...u noe that time the chic was on the stage and i was on the dance floor, so the height is playing around the end of the club ends....i was wondering, y her boobs? y not to her mouth???....n i feel very stupid that time bcoz i din take any numbers n i din ask for her name....SHIT!!! T_T...but its ok anyway, coz she always went there n this is not the 1st time i saw her at velvet...

That was the conclusion for xmas celebation for year hoping that xmas for year 2012 will be more happening...will we able to celebrate that coz the end of the world was schedule on 21th Dec....haha...truly do not know bout this...let the fate decides our existence...anyway...thats all folks!!!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hatyai 2011

I've told u that i will be back to Hatyai right?.....

Indeed i am....

Quite bullshiting and check out those photo below...

Can make my own beer tower...huhu!!!

For other pic...pls visit sab's blog at

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Transformers : Dark Of The Moon Toy Launching

I know that i din update my blog away LONG TIME AGO....but this is something new....i mean away 3 weeks ago...

I was waking up at 8am on saturday and i know this is wont be happening during on weekends coz i sleep till 3pm but...i just cant help it...coz it that day is the Transformers : Dark Of The Moon Toy Launching at Toys R' Us at Mid Valley and KLCC...WOOHOO!!!

I know that im an adult now but i din buy those toys n play like a is part of my collection and fullfiling my childhood hobby as i like to collect this stuff but my dad forbids me coz is just a toy n not worth to buy alot....but for me, it is an investment...coz i sold my optimus prime G1 version to my 1st customer and earn more than RM200 from the original price....i know is not much but im still earning...

Talking bout the toy launching, i reach Mid Valley Toys R Us around 8.30am...i tot there is alot of kids q-ing n screaming over there but it surprised me that there is no kids show up around, instead more adults like me q-ing up like all the ppl q-ing buying ipad2 just above us...and i believe all adults here either is a collector or a big fan of transformers...

look at the q...luckily that i can get nearer to the entrance
When the clock hits 9am...the gates open n the ppl rush straight in like a kid and grab those toy like its free...but i notice that av1 showing the toys r us membership card then only can enter...i din have my own but the staff ask me to register and become a member...the benefits as member is discount n also reward points...not bad for a toy collector like me...

Anyway, after i got my card n try to look for a nice figure but i notice that optimus prime voyager class (7 inch) figure looks like a kindergarden design to i scrap it but finally i got 2 :

it is Megatron and Ironhide...the packaging looks more nicer then the previous ROTF title
After i decided to take the figures, i pay up, pose n smile to the camera for their event cover...went bk home after that...then i sleep like a pig till 3pm...n is still a same o' saturday for me...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Osaka Part 4...Finally...

Day 4

After preparing for the guest seating arrangement and i have my own breakfast, i decide buy a telephone card to call my parents bk in KL...FYI, our phone is not working in japan except that ur phone is 3G phone...even my bosses iphone does not work either...anyway, i bought the card for 1000 Yen = RM 38 but it only can tahan for FREAKING 5 MINUTES ONLY!!!...WTF!!!

Anyway, here is the picture for the day...

outside hotel walking area...that day was a cool day...
After waiting for the guest finish their breakfast, we are departing to Shisaibashi Shopping District for our shopper addict. This street is full with high and low end branded stuff, restaurants, pachinko and of coz...VIDEO ARCADE GAME!!!...WOOHOO!!!

this uniqlo is a freaking huge and it consist of 7 FLOOR...alot of clothing still havent reach our Malaysia market yet

1 thing that we encounter that the guest are all fighting over the Burberry Blue Label which only available in Japanese market, they fight and quarrel for their purse as some of the purse is limited edition, some of them didn't spare the display purse...well as a professional advance team and so with my others tour manager and guide...we don give a damn...let them fight for it as this is non of our business..haha!!!

After i walk a few shops, decided to drop by at a shop called U.G but it looks like a uniqlo stuff but in other sells alot of sport clothing something like nike n adidas stuff and also others like jackets, tank tops, pyjamas etc....i decided to take 2 long sleeve t-shirts, 2 sleevless t-shirt, a jacket which look very yeng 1, a sport pant and a pant from u know how much cost all of it???

is only....9000 ++ Yen = RM 300 ++ ONLY....THATS FREAKING CHEAP!!!

Frankly to say, u wont get this price in KL where u bought alot like mine, i think it would be around RM 600 -700 for the whole item.

Now who say shopping in Japan is expensive?!....the only place for expensive shopping is at Tokyo but NOT IN OSAKA....remember, Tokyo = Expensive....Osaka = Cheap!

After a few out shopping, drop by to a crepe shop to have some nice strawberry crepe!...oishi

Strawberry Crepe...Oishi Neh!!!

did u see a man running a marathon poster? actually is a brand logo for a pharmacy store just around there

big crab....again

nice n quite addictive smell...

....n i also beh tahan wanna try some...500 Yen = RM 19 per box

 After have some light snacks...i was feeling tired n could not walk anymore, i drop by at starbucks n have some hot chocolate while being blown by a chill wind...

An hour later, headed to video arcade to check out their video game. Im interested playing a fighting game so i play Tekken 6 as it is 1 of my favorite game...but...i was challenged by a japanese guy...we play alot, exchange punches n kicks, grapples n frustration but is good game as i don have a chance to play with ppl in KL...when that guy lose, he came to me n talk to me...i tot he wanna look for a "real fight" coz he lose the game n he talk japanese that i don i reply him "sumimasen, nihongo wakarimasen" (excuse me, i don understand japanese) he talk to me with broken english n a sign language...actually he just wanna praise me of my play n he say that im look like japanese with that jacket n a head scarf...

After hours of time for me to take the shuttle bus bk to hotel but b4 that i took some pictures of nite view at Shinsaibashi

Back at the hotel, headed bk to my room and pack my whole luggage n also the banners n stand etc.... took a nice warm bath and join my boss for our last japanese ramen noodle, as the taste that we wont have a chance to taste it bk in KL....i miss those freaking awesome ramen until now T_T....

goodbye awesome ramen...but im swear gonna see u soon in japan...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Osaka Part 3

Day 3
It has been awhile i din update my blog coz im lazy...anyway...quit bullshitin and here is the pic :

After having our breakfast, we headed to Mt. Roko. Before we depart, i have read news that there is a snow storm happens in Tokyo, so we expect there is snow on Mt.Roko...



don say im 38...coz i havent touch a real snow in my life...
leng chai sitting on snow chair

imagine u at -2 degree places n there is a hot chocolate can in ur does it feels???...SORNG LA!!!
oh xmas tree...oh xmas tree!!!
After that, we went to Harbourland where we have a picture stop and a lunch :

Din take alot of other food as sushi, pizza and other food is time is not enuf....anyway, after a meal, we headed to Sanda Factory Outlet Store where there is alot of branded stuff like Astroboy, Nike, Adidas, Longchamp, Burberry, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chihuahua Louis Vuiton and many more. But im not very into brands so i walk across the bridge to Aeon Jusco to hunt my Green Tea Kit Kat...woohoo!!!

After a few hours of shopping, we headed to Kobe town, Ikuta Road to have our famous Kobe Beef. This beef is a cattle meat marinated with alcohol which you cant have it in Malaysia.

Ikuta Road

mini ice cream burger...oishi!

here is where i bought the mini ice cream...
Here is the place we have our Kobe Beef, this place has 6 different entrance due to the small buildings and pack with other shops :

Add caption

handsome jap prepare some seafood teppanyaki

here is the main dish


sedap lah

OISHI KATA!!! (kenyang lah)
After we have our juicy pussy Kobe Beef, we heading back to hotel for the rest. B4 that, i took few shoots for the night view.

to be continue....